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Robotech was a fantastic anime that was aired in the US, Latin America and other parts of the world in the 1980s. Throughout the years, many fans have been following the franchise. For the last 2+ years, a group of fans in Argentina have been working on a live-action version series based on the well-known Japanese animation. Earlier today, the Valkyrie Project finally by Creavision Films made its debut; the series is directed by César A. Turturoo and written by Jorge Luis Sucksdorf. The fan-made live-action series features excellent computer-generated characters and special effects, and cool acting. Though the series is in Spanish, English subtitles are provided. All Robotech fans should watch this. Watch the first two trailers and the Episode 1 of the series.

I’ve been a fan of Robotech since its early days, watching first in Spanish in South America, and later in English here in the US.

For more info, check out the web site [], its Facebook page [], and its YouTube page [].

[Source]: Anime News Network: First Segment of Robotech Fan Video Now Available [].


Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Robotech Valkyrie Project – Episodio 1 / Episode 1

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