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A classic baseball game is about to make its return to consoles, and will also appear on mobiles for the first time. For fans of the sports in the 80s, some 8-bit baseball titles come to mind, including Bases Loaded, Tecmo Bowl, and R.B.I. Baseball. Though the first two mentioned games had never seen the light of day again, R.B.I. Baseball will. Just this evening, @EricFisher from Sports Business Journal said the MLBAM

The new game R.B.I. Baeball 14 will be the MLB Advance Media’s first videogame and it will be released on all consoles and mobile devices. R.B.I. Baseball was originally developed in Japan by Namco (known as Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium) many years before its merger with Bandai. Baeball fans should be enjoying this moment.

So, what will the game look like? There are no pictures of videos about the version of the game, but here’s a video of what the game looked like for gamers inthe 8-bit generation.

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