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NASA Social has invited 50 social media followers, including yours truly, to Kennedy Space Center for the launch of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS-L). Once again, the Atlas V rocket will be delivering a satellite for communication purposes. As a fan of everything related to space and technology, I am humbled by the invitation.

On January 23rd, all 50 social media followers will get to participate in the following activities:

  • View the launch of the Atlas V rocket carrying TDRS-L
  • Hear first-hand accounts of the mission development and research goals from the TDRS-L science and engineering teams from NASA Kennedy, Goddard and other organizations.
  • Get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (Note: All sites on KSC / CCAFS are subject to closure due to mission or operation requirements), including potential opportunities to:
  • Inside look of Vehicle Assembly Building.
  • Tour of Launch Pad 39B.
  • Tour of United Launch Alliance Launch Complex 41.
  • Meet and interact with representatives from NASA and other organizations.
  • Meet fellow space enthusiasts who are active on social media.
  • Meet members of NASA’s social media team.

So, what is the mission of the TDRS Project?
According to NASA:

“The Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System is NASA’s network of specialized communications satellites that orbit 22,300 miles above the Earth. As the name suggests, the satellites relay signals between spacecraft including the International Space Station and ground control stations on Earth. The spacecraft are a vast improvement over the string of ground stations that were used in the past to communicate with spacecraft for short periods of time as they passed over or near the stations. With the TDRS spacecraft in place, spacecraft including Earth-observing missions and NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have near-constant communication links to Earth. “

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TDRS-L Mated to Atlas V

TDRS-L Mated to Atlas V

TDRS-L Atop Atlas V

TDRS-L Atop Atlas V

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