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Google announced today via a blog post it has added the Knowledge Graph feature into its search engine to provide more basic information about a topic a user is searching, or more about a web site where info can be found about it. This new feature is only available on searches on desktops and not yet on mobile devices.

So, what does Knowledge Graph do? By typing a topic on Google such as Civil War Trust, users could see a second link under the title of links, the one with a down arrow in grey, right next to the link in green. Once a user clicks on it, a small description appears. Other links can offer info about the sites where info is found. If there is info on Civil War Trust on Wikipedia, a user would get a small description about Wikipedia.

This piece of extra information does not appear on most links, but Google will eventually expand its Knowledge Graph to give more indo about web sites.

[Source]: Inside Search: More information about websites to help you find the right result [].

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