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Reaching the Latin American Demographic in the Digital Realm

Keys and trends in the new scenario presented by the growth of digital platforms and the variety in the expectations of consumers in Latin America.

By Roberto Ricossa  Avaya Americas Marketing VP | Follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

As the Latin American digital market becomes more fragmented, it’s becoming readily apparent that brands must seize as much real estate as they can on all digital platforms, especially as the use of smart phones and tablets begins to supersede the use of PCs and notebooks.

Social networking and the use of online video content are quickly becoming an important part of business advertising strategy. This includes the use of advertising tools like Display, the platform where the majority of the users in Mexico and Brazil are located today. Undoubtedly, social networking and video content creation present the primary opportunities for today’s segmented content marketing campaigns to reach their intended audiences.

As advertising opportunities continue to increase in the realm of mobile advertising, we can expect this segment to grow more than any other demographic recognized today. Heavily populated by users between the ages of 15 and 34, this group represents more than 50% of all digital users in Latin America.

In order to best reach this demographic, It’s becoming especially important to integrate advertising with social networking, online video and e-commerce content generators, where real-time data analysis is becoming one of the most important tools we can use to understand rapidly changing consumer trends.

The biggest challenge that brands and advertising agencies face is to be able to understand the digital world while simultaneously staying up to date with the technological advances will that directly impact consumer behavior. Offering digital education to professional teams and clients is equally fundamental to creating successful campaigns. Inside this wide span of possibilities, there are opportunities to employ tools like real-time digital data analysis, which allows for the quick detection of consumer trends and changes, allowing for the generation of marketing content campaigns that will have a presence on all digital platforms.

The challenge for any brand is to identify consumer behavior data, and it’s up to agencies to ensure that this data can be obtained. At this point, it is important to recognize that content marketing generation is segmented and localized, and applying the necessary Big Data concept of data analysis constitutes a new horizon of opportunities where these digital agencies must be looking in order to advertise to a Latin American demographic.

In order to follow these trends successfully, traditional advertising agencies must have a way to incorporate an online marketing department that can address immediate and future trends. The agencies that work with clients whose brands operate throughout the region have an outstanding opportunity to develop their best advertising content in Brazil, and need to be ready to recognize and embrace this opportunity. Not only does this available market lie with its large audience and booming markets, but also because the next two years will see this country becoming the venue of two of the world’s most significant sporting events in the eyes of consumers: the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Latin American markets have a lot to offer, and that’s exactly where the challenge lies. These markets represent infinite opportunities to be discovered and taken advantage of, and some of those opportunities may be the only way to succeed with an increasing and critical number of untapped consumers.

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