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The following commercials brought lots of action, laughs, and making the impossible possible with technology. Take a look at today’s movie trailers and commercials seen during the Super Bowl. The Radio Shack ad brings back the 80’s celebrities and tech, including Q-bert, Hulk Hogan, CRT monitors and more, while Microsoft shows what technology can do.

Marvel: Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Trailer 2 (Super Bowl Trailer)

Need for Speed

Transformers: Age of Extinction – Big Game Spot

With/Con: Mark Wahlberg

Radio Shack: The 80s

Q-bert, Hulk Hogan, CRTs, boom boxes, The Mailman (Cheers), Erik Estrada (CHiPS), VCRs, Alf, etc.

Microsoft: #Empowering Super Bowl Ad

“Technology has taken us places we’ve only dreamed, empowering us to make the impossible possible. Celebrate the people using Microsoft technology to break barriers and inspire us all.”

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