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Eidos-Montréal and Square Enix released today the third and last trailer of a series of videos that shows more about the corrupt city and some of the characters living there. In this video, you’ll get to see more abou the Thief Taker General.

According to Eidos-Montréal:

The Thief Taker General is Commander of the Baron’s Watch; his main motive… to hunt and hang every thief in The City and he is hell-bent on capturing the prize that he desires most; Garrett, the Master Thief. The Thief Taker General is corrupt to the bone, using fear to enforce an exorbitant ‘black tax’ on members of the underworld; those who don’t pay find themselves at the end of a noose. The Thief Taker General also runs a grisly large-scale operation where the bodies of the victims who have died from the mysterious sickness known as ‘The Gloom’ are collected and stripped bare, everything of value is stolen from their cold, stiff corpses; clothes, jewellery – even artificial limbs and gold teeth. So who is the biggest Thief in The City?

It’s just two weeks before the game’s release date. Mark your calendar for February 25th if you’re planning on getting the game.

[Source]: Square Enix PR.

Thief: Stories from The City - Part 3 - The Thief Taker General

Thief: Stories from The City – Part 3 – The Thief Taker General

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