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Walmart’s recent tech offer could make you get a new tablet or smartphone right about now. If you are thinking about upgrading any of your mobile devices, you should take a look at these offers.

The iPad 2 now costs $299, down from $399, through March 7 at Walmart. You can also exchange your first-generation iPad and get a $100 credit on your iPad 2 purchase, or turn in your iPad 3 or iPad (4th generation) for a $100+ trade-in credit to get a WiFi-enabled iPad Air with 16GB.

Walmart will also give you $100 trade-in credit or more (up to $300) for any working smartphone in good condition (without a cracked or broken screen, or liquid damage) when you buy any of the listed Apple and Samsung devices, along with a required 2-year contract with Verizon or AT&T:

• Apple iPhone 5S 16GB – $45
• Apple iPhone 5C 16 GB – .01¢
• Samsung Galaxy S III – .01¢
• Samsung Galaxy S 4 – $1
• Samsung Galaxy Mega – $1
• Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – $186

Now that we are in this year’s tax season, this can be your chance to upgrade your current device to a new one.

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Walmart: Samsung devices - In-store trade-ins

Walmart: Samsung devices – In-store trade-ins

Walmart: Tablet or Smartphone Trade-in

Walmart: Tablet or Smartphone Trade-in

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