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Sega relesaed a very interesting video about its blue hedgehog, who is almost ready to appear on Nintendo consoles and on TV.

The video includes the work in the videogame and TV show. People who worked in the game shared their experiences with the original Sonic the Hedgehog title for the Sega Genesis, and later describe the new gameplay experience in the videogame along with Takashi Iizuka, General Manager at Sonic Team, and others.

As for the the voice over actors and actresses in the game and TV series, the cast was finally confirmed:

  •          Sonic                     Roger Craig Smith
  •          Dr Eggman          Mike Pollock
  •          Tails                       Colleen Villard
  •          Knuckles              Travis Willingham
  •          Amy                       Cindy Robinson
  •          Orbot                    Kirk Thornton
  •          Cubot                    Wally Wingert
  •          Voice Director    Jack Fletcher

Are you excited to play Sonic Boom?

[Source]: Sega.

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