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Sega of America and Sega Europe announced today the availability of its classic PC games in Humble Bundle, with proceedings of the sales going to five charity organizations.

Among the titles in the first tier (any donation less than $5.99) are Alpha Protocol™, Company of Heroes™, Rome: Total War™ and Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit™. The games in the second tier (any donation $5.99 or more) include the ones in the first tier, along with Typing of the Dead: OVERKILL™, Binary Domain™, Medieval II: Total War™, SEGA Genesis™ Collection and Renegade Ops™. If you are willing to donate $14.99 or more, you’ll be getting  Total War: Shogun II and all the mentioned games. Three Steam codes will get you access to every tier of games.

All the donations will be split among the following organizations: Make-A-Wish (, Whale and Dolphin Conservation (, Willow Foundation (, Special Effect ( and GamesAid (

For Sega, this is a great opportunity to do some social good. “We’re extremely proud to present gamers with a SEGA themed Humble Bundle.” said John Clark, Vice President of Digital Distribution at SEGA, “It’s a fantastic way to bring some of our classic games to a new audience while helping fund raising efforts for a variety of extremely good causes.”

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[Source]: Sega of America & Sega Europe PR.

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