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During its presentation at GDC 2014, Sony Computer Entertainment America announced “Project Morpheus,” the company’s virtual reality device coming to the PS4. Morpheus features the same technology used in PlayStation Move. At GDC, Sony showed VR demos of God Of War, Thief, as well as of titles especifically made for use with the device such as The Deep, The Castle, as well as EVE Valkyrie, a multiplayer dogfighting shooter game playable on the current game development kit.

The new device will work with the PS4’s PlayStation Camera, PS Move, and its Wireless Controller. The Morpheus SDK is still under development, and will be available when ready.

< Specifications of “Project Morpheus” Prototype >
Component Processor unit, head-mounted unit
Display Method LCD
Panel Size 5 inches
Panel Resolution 1920xRGBx1080 (960xRGBx1080 per eye)
Field of View 90 degrees
Sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Connection interface HDMI + USB
Function 3D audio, Social Screen

[Source]: Sony Computer Entertainment America.

SCEA / "Project Morpheus"

SCEA / “Project Morpheus”

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