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Today’s Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct was loaded with lots of information, including when the games will make their launch, but perhaps the latest new and returning characters are the ones game players are paying the most attention to. No, there was no mention of Solid Snake coming back to the game 🙁 but at least we know some characters are getting a bit of a makeover, getting new abilities and more.

More game info

  • Launch date: Summer for the 3DS version; Winter for the Wii U version
  • Most elements in the Nintendo 3DS version will run at 60 fps even in 3D
  • WiiU stages: Mario Galaxy, Pyrosphere, Town and City, Boxing Ring, Pilot Wings, Skyloft, Windy Hill, Garden of Hope, Wii Fit Studio, Palutena’s temple, Halberd, and familiar stages.
  • 3DS stages: 3D Land, Gerudo Valley, Tortimer Island, Prism Tower, Rainbow Road, Find Mii, Balloon Fight, Jungle Japes, Spirit Train, Reset Bomb Forest.
  • Online Play in both versions

Returning Characters and Newcomer Info

  • Princess Zelda and Sheik will be their own separate characters, unlike in Brawl when gamers were able to switch from one to another. Zelda will hava a new move (Phantom Slash)
  • As with Zelda and Sheik, Samus and Zero Suit Samus will both be independant characters, and won’t be interchangeable.
  • Charizard and Yoshi return to battle.
  • Greninja (Gekkouga) is the latest newcomer to the SSB arena.
  • Little Mac will be powerful on ground, but not while in air.
  • Rosalina and Luna will have individual attacks after separating one from the other.
  • Lucario will have a Mega Revolution 
  • Olimar will only have three Pikmin.
  • Yellow Devil on Mega Man Stage


The stages on the 3DS version will be based on the ones seen in portable games, while the Wii U ones will be based on stages seen in console versions. The 3DS version will also include the Smash Run, “a 4-player battle game set in a dungeon-like stage full of power ups.” The more powerups that get collected in a 5-minute period, the more power the players will be able to use for a battle among themselves.

Temporary bans
Players won’t be able to play for the following reasons while online, as part of the game’s code of conduct:

  • Starting and not playing
  • Relentless targeting of an individual
  • Repeated self-destructs
  • Frequent dropping
  • Cheats

For Fun vs For Glory

These two online modes will help separate beginners from hardcore gamers. In For Glory, expert gamers will play only in the Final Destination stage, while in For Fun, players will play in random stages, Final Destination excluded. Every stage will have its own version of a Final Destination.

If you miss today’s Nintendo Direct (or if you simplky want to see the video again):

Greninja / Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS

Greninja / Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS

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