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Takara Tomy, the Japanese entertainment and children’s merchandise company, is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Transformers by including graphics of the tranforming robots cartoon into a Super GT car (belonging to the Team Mach racing team)  as decoration.

This crossover is possible because Takara Tomy currently owns 20% of Tatsunoko Productions, the studio responsible for Speed Racer, Macross (Robotech) and other anime. A fictional backstory will be included as well. More info will be announced sometime later.

The actual Super GT car already looks amazing.

[Source]: Anime News Network: Super GT Car Gets Optimus Prime/Speed Racer Crossover Makeover [] via TFW 2005: Takara Tomy Transformers 30th Anniversary Plans Revealed [].

Team Mach's Super GT with Transformers deco

Team Mach’s Super GT with Transformers deco

Team Mach's Super GT

Team Mach’s Super GT

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