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Mark Pincus, the founder and former CEO of social gaming company Zynga who in July 2013 left his position to former Xbox Live General Manager Don Mattrick, announced he will leaving his administrative roles at Zynga. His departure does not mean he will leave the company entirely; Pincus will still remain as chairman of the board of directors.

While the loss of $61 million on the first quarter of 2014 after the buyout of NaturalMotion for $527 million may or may not mean much, the number of daily players does. In the first quarter of 2013, the company had 53 million daily active users, however, info of the first quarter of 2014 reveals the company now has 28 million daily active users.

[Source]: Ars Technica: In just one year, Zynga lost nearly half of its daily active users [].

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