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Tenchi Muyo! has been a popular anime in Japan, the US, and many other countries around the world. With its popularity, making use of the anime for tourism purposes could definitively bring more people to the Prefecture of Okayama, and there are people making this a reality.

Representatives in the prefacture of Okayama are raising funds to bring a new Tenshi Muyo! anime series titled Ai: Tenshi Muyo! made of fifty 5-minute episodes to promote tourism to the city of Takahashi.

With the anime ready to start on Tokyo MX in October, the representatives’s goal is to attract tourists to the real-life town in which the story in the anime takes place, to sell goods and hosts events. So far, the residents of Okayama have raised US$165,293.

The creator of the anime, Masaki Kajishima, was born in Takahashi.

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