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There are now more reasons to be happy about owning a Wii U console, and not just because Mario Kart 8 is out now. With the release of version 5.0.0 (available now), players will be able to use the Quick Start Menu to access recently-played titles and/or apps using the GamePad’s Power button or Home button; this new feature won’t work with other controllers such as the Wii Remote Plus or the Wii U Pro Controller.

With the new Quick Start feature, the console will also send special notifications from Nintendo via its Wii U GamePad Alerts. It looks cool these notifications can be seen on the console when it is off.

Today’s update also does bring some changes to the console, including automatically installing and updating the Wii U when the console is in Standby, and adding the Quick Start Menu to the Power Settings.

For more info about the update, check out: [].

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