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During E3 2014, a new device that will let gamers play Steam-compatible games on the go was finally revealed. Named SteamBoy, the handheld console looks very similar to the official Steam controller with a screen in the middle just like the PlayStation Vita. Though not much is known about the console, the people working on the device sent a bit more information to Escapist Magazine about its features: a quad-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 32GB built-in memory card, and a 5″ 16:9 touchscreen.

In the email sent to Escapist, a representative also states the following: “SteamBoy won’t be as powerful as other announced Steam Machines in the same way [the] Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita performance is not comparable to Wii U or PlayStation 4. However, it will be possible to play the majority of current games in Steam.”

With Valve taking Steam to the living room via the Steam Machines, the team at SteamBoy is making a bold move by bringing the SteamOS to a portable device. Will it succeed? We’ll find out when the device debuts sometime in 2015.

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