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Sonic Dash is one popular mobile game on iOS and Android devices. The game is very simple to play and brings lots of fun wherever you go. Today though, a new update suddenly appeared that can transform Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog into his own version of Google’s mobile OS mascot. Yes, Sonic’s body now has the shape of the Android Robot.

To play as Andronic, if you want to call him that, you must play 50 times as the normal Android Robot to make Andronic a selectable character.

If you are reading this post on an Android device, this link should take you to the app [], otherwise, you’ll just see a normal web page with info about the title on a browser on other mobile devices or PCs.

IMO: I do enjoy playing this game on an iPad where the game looks great, but playing on a Samsung Galaxy S3 shouldn’t be bad. With the presence of Andronic in the game, I will for sure get the game on the mentioned Android device right now.
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