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Mario Kart 8 is a game that brings lots of fun to whoever gets to grab a Wiimote or a Wii U tablet (my favorite way of playing the game). While Gran Turismo may be a franchise for fans of real racing, MK8 is a superb game that can make anybody laugh out loud every time the game is being played by ourselves, but even more when playing with others online or at home. It’s a game that my nieces and nephews, my great-nieces and great-nephews, and my mom can play.

What could make perhaps this game more exciting is seeing real cars in a fantasy race track. Nintendo yesterday announced the upcoming release of a GLA-Class kart from auto company Mercedes Benz this summer.

Though this seems to be more of a marketing campaign, fans may ask Nintendo now of other cars to add into this game. This will be the first of what we hope are more MarioKart-ized cars.

Q: What other cars would you like to see in Mario Kart 8?

[Source]: Nintendo of America @ Twitter: [].

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