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If you’ve been watching anime since the 1980s, you may remember one of the best animations ever, Robotech. Harmony Gold, the company in charge of bringing Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and two other anime to turn it into what we know as Robotech, wants to return to the franchise by making a brand-new 22-minute pilot episode for Robotech Academy, a project Robotech creator Carl Macek had started back in 2008.

So, what is Robotech Academy all about? It’s a new Robotech series based on Carl Macek’s last project. Harmony Gold is currently looking for funds totaling US$500,000 for the making of the episode which includes character design, mecha design, 3D animation and modelling, casting, voice acting and more. Additional funds could be used for the production of more episodes.

Story-wise, Robotech Academy will take place just before the end of Robotech’s second generation. It won’t be a follow-up of the first and second generations though, it will be based on the children of characters of the first generation.

The making of Robotech Academy will definitely bring new and old fans to the famous anime franchise.

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