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After an IGN news video was leaked earlier today on revealing a new Tekken title being developed using the Unreal Engine 4, Tekken series producer Katushiro Harada officially confirmed today at EVO 2014 the next game in the series titled Tekken 7.

According to a post at, Harada did not plan to make any announcement or teaser prepared at EVO regarding the next Tekken game, but had no choice but to confirm it. Later, the Tekken Official web site shared a trailer of the game in English and Japanese, with more information to come at the San Diego Comic-con fighting game panel on July 25th.

Two more unannounced games by Bandai Namco are also in development.

[Source]: Tekken Official: シリーズ最新作「鉄拳7」の情報が公開されました![], Tekken 7 announced [] & Gematsu: Tekken 7 officially announced [].

Tekken 7 – English Trailer

Tekken 7 – Japanese Trailer

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