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Years after an agreement to mix characters of their famous fighting franchises, we fans still have not seen Bandai Namco’s take on the crossover game Tekken x Street Fighter. Capcom was first to release the game called Street Fighter x Tekken in March 2012. Still, fans have been waiting and waiting and waiting for Bandai Namco’s version.

Today at the San Diego Comic-Con, game producer Katsuhiro Harada said in a response to a fan that the game is “still in development and it’s still moving forward.” The company is currently working on multiple fighting game titles, such as Tekken 7, Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, Rise of Incarnates and Tekken Revolution. Harada also mentioned the importance of finding the proper time to release the game.

For now, we know, according to Harada, that “it is proceeding. It hasn’t been cancelled, so please relax.”

[Source]: Polygon: Tekken X Street Fighter is still in the works, so ‘please relax’ [].

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