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Though Steam is a great place to buy games the digital way at great prices, mainly the titles that have been released in gaming consoles already as well as indie games, it is cool to see the options we get when companies (such as Bandai Namco) bring some of their games to the PC gaming community from Day 1 of launch in consoles. This is now the case with Ubisoft bringing two of its upcoming PC games via Steam.

Users can pre-order these two big-budget titles starting today and both will include some perks. With Far Cry 4, players will get Hurk’s Redemption Missions (which consists of 60 minutes of gameplay including, 3 extra missions and 1 exclusive weapon).

Fans of Assassin’s Creed who pre-order the upcoming Unity sequel will get The Chemical Revolution Mission and unlockable content such as the Royal Arsenal Pack, the Athos Duel Shirt, the Black Musketeer Breeches, and the Pappenheimer Rapier.

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