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Fans of the fantastic sci-fi/mecha anime franchise may be disappointed by the announcement released by Harmony Gold yesterday. The company announced via its Kickstarter page the cancellation of the Robotech Academy project, less than a week before the end of the funding period.

What could have been a new chapter brought to the small screen, written by Carl Macek himself before his passing, may have to wait a bit longer. The project was able to reach just over $190,000, far from its goal of $500,000.

According to a post in Kickstarter, “Throughout San Diego Comic-Con, many of you asked us what our “plan B” would be if the Kickstarter campaign did not reach its goal. We will continue to explore our options regarding Robotech Academy, so stay tuned in the coming months. In the meantime however, we plan on collecting our pre-production designs together and making them available on for everyone to browse.”

Hopefully, Harmony Gold could find an alternate way to bring this project in time for the 30th Anniversary next year.

Watch the video with Greg Finley thanking fans who supported the project.

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