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Since the purchase of Twitch by Youtube, frequent users of the game-streaming service have had doubts about the future of the web site. As an important site for gamers to watch events as they happen, it has become a tool for communication and enjoyment. However, changes are coming after YouTube acquired Twitch that may make users think twice, especially for those who broadcast via the service.

The company announced today in a blog post: a new video-on-demand system with higher quality; watch archived videos on mobile devices and other platforms; easier use of the YouTube exporting feature.

While those features sound good, that’s not all the new Twitch will do. The post also states it will make use of audio recognition by Audible Magic to identify copyrighted music scanned in videos. According to the company, this scanning will only affect audio in video-on-demand, and not live broadcasts. There won’t be any “automated takedown of live content”. When certain audio is found within a video. the audio will be muted for 30 minutes.

Twitch: Audio Recognition

Twitch: Audio Recognition

Also, recorded videos will not stay forever on the service unless users choose to split videos as “highlights” of two hours or less. The company will no longer offer the “save forever” feature.

Frequent broadcast must act quickly in order to export the videos to YouTube. Twitch will start removing past broadcasts in 3 weeks.

So, what’s the reason for removing past broadcasts? One of the posts says: “We also discovered that 80% of our storage capacity is filled with past broadcasts that are never watched. That’s multiple petabytes for video that no one has ever viewed.” Highlights, however, are seen 9x more than past broadcasts.

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