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While Sony still continues to sell more PS4 consoles than its competitor Microsoft, a new system update will give additional and attractive improvements to the Xbox One.

During its presentation at Gamescom today, Microsoft announced new and interesting capabilities coming in the next update. Among them:

  • Streaming TV: It will allow users to watch TV on Windows, iOS and Android phones and tablets with the use of the SmartGlass app. Though this sounds exciting, North American gamers will have to wait as it will work with the console’s digital TV tuner, currently available in Europe. The tuner lets people take advantage of over-the-air signals to watch channels and use the OneGuide.
  • Media playback (via USB and DLNA) – It will support a greater variety of file formats via USB and the wireless DNLA media streaming protocol. The media player will make it easier to share images and videos in home networks.
  • Other new features: A new Snap Center, a live TV mini guide, a new Friends section (to let players check main apps such as messages and achievements without having to close the games), and more.

The updates will be available to preview users this month, while regular owners of the Xbox One will have to wait longer.

[Source]: Xbox Wire: gamescom 2014: More social features, new ways to watch TV, and USB and DLNA support are coming soon! [].

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