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A new game from Dong Nguyen, the creator of “Flappy Bird,” is on its way very soon. According to a report from, the game “Swing Copters,” coming to certain platforms, brings similarities of gameplay from “Flappy Bird” to the new title.

In the new game, the player will direct a character that flies up on the screen, unlike in “Flappy Bird” in which the character moves from left to right. Tapping the character as you play up is the way to avoid the character from hitting obstacles that would lead to a game over.

From the look of the game in the trailer, it seems the title offers the same feel of difficulty, the same “I was so close I gotta try it again.” It also looks harder than the original “Flappy Bird.” “Swing Copters” will be released on the 21st (in 3 days) as a free download and with the option to remove ads for US$0.99.

Q: Will you download and play “Swing Copters”?

[Source]: Exclusive Hands On With ‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Dong Nguyen’s Next Game: ‘Swing Copters’ [].

Swing Copters

Swing Copters

Swing Copters

Swing Copters

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