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Gamers who own an Xbox 360 console may want to upgrade the hard drive very soon. Though our Internet connections still have not reached gigabyte speeds per seconds in many parts of the US, the use of hard drives is still the way to go to download and install games on our Microsoft consoles.

Today, Microsoft confirmed the arrival of the new and official 500 GB internal hard drive for the Xbox 360 console. With such an internal HDD, the Xbox 360 will have the same amount of storage space as the current models of the Xbox One (though a 1TB Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare model is coming on Nov. 3rd).

With the arrival of this hard drive, the 320 GB HDD for the Xbox 360 will be discontinued, according to Microsoft. As for the price of the upcoming 500 GB HDD, it will cost $109.99, that is, $20 less than the current 320 GB model.

It seems it will be worth the wait for gamers who desire a new HDD. Pre-ordering will be available soon.

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