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Many fans of the popular anime TV series Pokémon may be jumping with joy about the first Pokémon arcade game, now in the works. Earlier today, The Pokémon Company announced the arrival in Japan next year of the Pokémon-based fighting game titled “Pokkén Tournament.”

Though this is not the first time players have seen pocket monsters in a virtual ring (we’ve seen them in Super Smash Bros games since 1999), it is the first time we’ll see 3D versions of our favorites Pokémon fighting against each other.

Still, many fans have long wished playing an RPG adventure game or a true 3D version of the main Pokémon games in a Nintendo home console.

Also, Japanese fighting games make their way to the arcades before coming to consoles. So, will gamers outside of Japan get to play this title on the Wii U?

In the first gameplay trailer, Pokémon fighters Lucario and Machamp are battling each other. The upcoming fighting game is a partnership between The Pokémon Company and Bandai Namco Games.

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