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The $100 price difference between the original Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 helped many gamers go for the next-gen console at the lowest price. At $100 less than the Xbox One, many fans selected the PS4 as the newest console to purchase. Microsoft noticed this, and made the right move by making the Kinect 2.0 sensor bar an optional device for its newest console. Sales improved for the Xbox One sans Kinect 2.0. At the same price as the PS4, it was time for Microsoft to show gamers that it’s got.

Today, however, the company showed it has not forgotten the ones who bought the Xbox One without the sensor bar by announcing the arrival of the standalone Kinect 2.0 device on October 7. Kinect 2.0 will come with a digital copy of Harmonix’s Dance Central Spotlight and will be available at stores for US$149.99.

If you have already made your choice by purchasing the Xbox One without Kinect 2.0, you’ll have the option of bringing the interactive experience to your console in just a few weeks.

[Source]: Xbox: Xbox One Standalone Kinect Sensor Available in October [].

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