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The 80s brought lots of great games and cartoons we still play and see today. The very popular franchise Transformers returned to the small screen already and recently once again at the cinemas. But, where are the Transformers games? Rovio’s got the answer.

Earlier today, Rovio showed off a very 80s-version of its upcoming game Angry Birds Transformers, for release on October 15. The trailer features the style of animation along with the TV and sound quality of yesteryear.

So, how do these two franchises meet? A mysterious EggSpark lands on Piggy Island and everyone’s transformed into robots, even the eggs. Both the AutoBirds and the Deceptihogs must put their usual battles aside and try to get the wild EggBots under control.

Like Optimus Prime would say, the game will be ready “to roll out” on October 15 on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

AutoBirds, transform!

[Source]: Kotaku: Angry Birds Transformers Trailer Is So 80’s [].

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