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One of the most popular anime from the 1970s and 80s, Space Battleship Yamato, will have its own Hollywood live-action cinematic version, according to Japan’s Sports Nippon newspaper. Known outside of Japan as Star Blazers, the anime became a favorite for many due to its mature themes and its need to watch the episodes in sequential order.

Christopher McQuarrie, from Skydance Productions (the company responsible for World War Z and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), will be producing the film. Along with McQuarrie, Shoji Nishizaki will come on board as executive producer. Nishizaki is the adopted son of former Yamato producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki.

McQuarrie will start work on the film once his work on Mission: Impossible 5 ends sometime next year. The cast of the Yamato film has not been announced yet.

The film’s story deals with Earth being attacked by an alien race called the Gamilons that wants to take over the planet. With radiation by the Gamilons, the survivors have only a year to live before the radiation reaches them underground. Their only hope is a spaceship that can take a small group of travelers to find the device that can save the survivors on Earth.

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