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With the recent launch of Super Smash Bros for the 3DS in Japan, some players have noticed how they can get banned while playing online. While some reasons are obvious (such as constant disconnection during online battle, and unfair fighting), players may not be aware they can get banned in some unfamiliar way.

At Japan’s 2ch forums, many players are complaining for being banned while playing as Princess Peach during the ‘For Glory’ online mode. Many players believe the banning can happen if a player makes that special move “down + B” near the start of the battle.” It seems as if the title “erroneously sees it as you’ve illegally brought an equipped item into the match.”

The characters Link and Peach can both use “down + B” to execute a move, specifically to pull out an item and to throw it at their rivals, but no one is being removed for using Link and making the same move. The bug has been reported by many players.

[Source]: Polygon: Report: Glitch serves up one-day bans for Smash Bros. players who pick Peach [] via Event Hubs: Super Smash Bros. 3DS players smacked with 1-day ban online… for playing as Peach [].

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