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Mega Man has finally returned in a brand-new title after a long hiatus in the gaming world in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS (and soon on the Wii U), but this is not all we’ll get to see from the fighting robot.

Capcom announced yesterday the Palico version (a feline that accompanies your main character on a hunt) of Mega Man in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Fans of the franchise may have seen the Palico version of Sonic the Hedgehog with his Caliburn sword before, however, Mega Man will be using his canine partner Rush’s helmet as equipment.

Players in Europe and North America will have to wait until early next year for the game’s launch to get the Palico version of Mega Man, Rush’s helmet, and a themed Guild Card. The game was released in Japan just yesterday.

[Source]: Capcom Unity: Monster Hunter 4U Palicoes get equipped with Mega Man gear [].

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