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NES gamers should be familiar with a Rare title about toads, not the many Toads from Mario games, but the ones from Battletoads. The franchise about three anthropomorphic toads created by Tim and Chris Stamper made its debut in 1991. A total of four games were developed until 1994 and the trio has not been seen in new titles since, but the discovery by a NeoGaf user is making fans of the retro franchise believe Microsoft could be developing a brand new Battletoads game.

Last week, Microsoft filed a trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office:

Last year, Phil Spencer at Xbox said “I’m partial to Battletoads” as a response to his questions “what Rare could do next?”

With the return of Killer Instinct (another Rare title) already a reality, the chance of seeing a Battletoads title in this generation of games seem very possible.

[Source]: USPTO: Microsoft: Battletoads via NeoGaf: Microsoft files trademark for “Battletoads.”



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