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Fans of anime who have heard about the upcoming crossover between Marvel’s Avengers and Attack on Titan shall find this picture exciting.

Artist Gerardo Sandoval has made the limited-edition print featuring the Female Titan. Copies of this print have been on sale at the Festo Comic festival in Mexico City earlier today.

The creator of AoT made this Attack on Avengers story in which the fate of mankind relies on Marvel characters (such as Marvel’s The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy characters) who are defending the street of NYC against the human-like giant Titans. The crossover comic made its debut earlier today on Brutus Magazine in Japan.

[Source]: Anime News Network: A Glimpse At the Attack on Titan x Marvel Crossover Comic’s Lady Titan via Comic Book Resources: Marvel/’Attack on Titan’ artist reveals Female Titan print.

Attack on Titan - Female Titan

Attack on Titan – Female Titan

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