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But then again, what gamer doesn’t (love Smash). Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the latest fighting game with various characters from the Nintendo universe plus invited guests, has finally arrived, and one little cat loves the game. But how? The story of how the kitten got to see and “play” the game is unusual.

On the same day Super Smash Bros. for Wii U was released, the kitten was seen having a hard time trying to cross a busy intersection, as in the classic video game Frogger, but a gamer came to the feline’s rescue.

“She managed to get underneath the hood of our car while we were stopped at the red light. With the help of a few passerbys we managed to get her away from the engine and back home cleaned up,” says xxxtro on the YouTube video page.

Like the video shows, the kitten really wants to interact with the game. Good thing there are Mii Fighters for the cat to make its presence inside the game.

Welcome to gaming, kitten gamer!

[Source]: Tastefully Offensive: Kitten Plays Super Smash Bros. with His Human.


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