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We’ve seen world premiere videos at previous game awards, so this shouldn’t be something unexpected, but when it’s about a well-known franchise, we gamers should be excited. In the last few hours tonight, journalist and producer of the upcoming gaming awards, Geoff Keighley, announced the presence of game designer and producer Hideo Kojima to present the first trailer of Metal Gear Online at The Game Awards 2014.

Fans of the franchise may have heard the term MGO before. As an online feature, MGO has been seen as a component in previous games. So, how will this MGO be different from older versions?

For fans of Solid Snake, this is exciting news. We should expect more surprises. The Game Awards will be seen online on PSN, Xbox Live, Wii U, Steam, Twitch, YouTube, IGN, GameSpot, Kotaku, Nico Nico, MLG, and the awards’ web site, on Friday, December 5th.

[Sources]: Twitter: @GeoffKeighley & @Kojima_Pro_Live.


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