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The announcement made by Capcom earlier today about the arrival of Street Fighter V is the kind of news people would expect at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, but because of the 20 years of Sony PlayStation and the many years we fans of the franchise have seen SF games on PlayStation platforms, perhaps it was the right move by Capcom and Sony to bring this news to the masses, together.

With a console exclusivity deal to bring Street Fighter V to the PS4, Sony can bring many more gamers from the PS3 to the PS4, but what would remain a mystery are the reasons of the game’s absence on other consoles.

In this case, we know:

  • SFV is being made from the ground up by Capcom with collaboration from Sony.
  • The PS4 and PC versions will be used for cross-platform gameplay.
  • The language used wasn’t clear enough to rule out the possibility of ever seeing SFV in other consoles.
  • We may also see an arcade version of the game in Japan before it arrives to PC and PS4.
  • We’ve seen exclusives like this before: Dead Rising 3 (Capcom) on the Xbox One, Bayonetta 2 (Platinum Games / Sega) on the Wii U, Monster Hunter 4 & 4G (Capcom) on 3DS. Perhaps SFV could remain on PS4 and PC.

Hopefully, Capcom could tell us more about SFV during this weekend’s PlayStation Experience event. Both trailers look fantastic btw.

Street Fighter V – Announcement Trailer ‘Rise Up’

Street Fighter V – Gameplay Trailer

[Source]: PlayStation.Blog: Street Fighter V: Console Exclusive to PS4, First Gameplay Video.

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