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It didn’t take me long to start enjoying a puzzle game so artistically wonderful yet creative as Monument Valley. Earlier today, Apple chose Monument Valley as the iPad Game of the Year for 2014.

The game, developed and published by independent studio USTwo, presents Princess Ida in an adventure through mazes that make use of optical illusions with impossible objects. People who have played Echochrome must be familiar with the gameplay and isometric view, but this game adds beautiful art based in Japanese xylographic prints worth admiring.

Though the game may not be as challenging for devoted players, it has the formula to succeed even more, if additional levels were added with more levels of higher difficulty.

USTwo expressed its emotion in a blog post earlier today: “Thank you to Apple for this tremendous honour. It’s been a fantastic year for mobile games. Please check out the full list Apple’s best iPad and iPhone games this year.”

On the iPhone side, Threes! won Game of the Year, while Elevate – Brain Training received the award for App of the Year. Pixelmator got the award for the year’s best iPad app.

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