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It’s a November to remember for Microsoft. After making the Kinect 2.0 an optional device and lowering the price of the Xbox One down to $350 (or less), the Redmond,WA, company got a console boost enough to take first-place sales in November against the PlayStation 4, according to the NPD Group and Microsoft.

Since the arrival of both consoles late last year, Sony has been outselling Microsoft month after month from the start of 2014, but today’s news brings Microsoft on top on sales for the first time in a month in the US and the UK. The different Xbox One bundles may have lured gamers to buy more hardware. If Microsoft wants to continue with successful sales, it would have to keep the current temporary price drop of the Xbox One of $350 and offer more interesting titles.  It would then be time for Sony to make its next move.

However, the gaming industry suffered perhaps due to Microsoft’s decision to lower the price of the Xbox One. Console sales went down 23% to $1.01 billion compared to the same month last year.

[Source]: Polygon: Xbox One outsold PS4 in the US and UK last month, Microsoft says.

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