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It didn’t take long for Capcom to reveal a new character for the upcoming sequel in its crowned fighting franchise, and it’s one who has not been seen in a while.

Yesterday, the first live gameplay of Street Fighter V was shown during the Capcom Cup along with an extended version of the gameplay trailer which showed Ryu and Chun-Li. Towards the end of the video, Charlie, Guile’s best friend, finally appears. He was last seen as an available character in SFII and SFIII games, but absent in SFIV. According to the storyline in previous titles, Charlie is nowhere to be found.

It’s too early to know the continuing story in SFV, but many gamers should be happy Charlie returns. Game producer Yoshinori Ono cosplayed as Charlie Nash to make the announcement.

[Sources]: CapcomSF @ YouTube & Capcom Fighters TV @ YouTube.

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