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Earlier today, Capcom announced the arrival of Dmc Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on March 17, 2015. This reboot of the franchise made its original debut on January 2013 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

What’s great about the game, besides the graphical upgrade, is the content that will be available as a digital download and at retail. All the download content released for the game will be included, along with new modes and more gameplay features.

Among the new features:

  • Play as Dante’s twin brother in Vergil’s Bloody Palace Mode.
  • Extra modes: Must Style Mode, Hardcore Mode, Gods Must Die difficulty level.
  • New costumes for Dante and Vergil based on designs from the classic version of the franchise.
  • 1080p and 60 fps in both consoles.
  • Gameplay balancing (including Turbo Mode).
  • Additional leaderboards, trophies, achievements, and social features.

As far as Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, the title will make its debut on Summer 2015. More information will be revealed “in the coming months.”

[Source]: Capcom PR.

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