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Internet Explorer has been one of the web’s most dominant browsers for many years, mainly because it has been bundled with Windows since the early days of the Internet. Microsoft’s browser has faced many difficulties and it has been trying to catch up to Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox, especially when it comes to speed, usability and other features. With that said, it seems like 2015 is the best time Microsoft could give users a new browser the likes of its competitors.

According to sources, Microsoft will be introducing Spartan, an upcoming light-weight browser, alongside Internet Explorer 12. Thomas Nigro, one of Microsoft’s Student Partner lead, stated via Twitter he heard the Redmond company is working on a new browser.

Sources who shared the story with ZDNET said:

  • Both IE 11 and Spartan will be included in Windows 10, but only Spartan will be available on the desktop and mobile versions of the upcoming Windows 10.
  • The company may show the new browser at a preview event on January 21.
  • It will use Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine and Microsoft’s Trident rendering engine.

With Spartan as the codename for Microsoft’s newest browser, it could be a replacement for IE in the next few years. Who knows, it may make it into non-Microsoft operating systems, just like it has done recently with Microsoft Office.

[Source]: Microsoft is building a new browser as part of its Windows 10 push.

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