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Sony’s game streaming service, known as PlayStation Now, has been renting games à la carte, with prices mainly depending on the amount of hours or days customers would like to play the offered games for. Many gamers expressed their lack of dissatisfaction about the initial plan. Some players noticed a used copy of a PS3 game was cheaper than a 3-month period, but starting today, gamers could change their mind about the service.

According to PlayStation.Blog, Sony will offer a subscription service with unlimited access to a large library of PlayStation 3 titles starting in January 13. The service will cost $19.99 per month, or $44.99 for three months (~$15 a month), said Peter Jamshidi, Director of Marketing at PlayStation Now. The service will first arrive on the PS4 in North America, and later to PS Now-enabled devices.

With PS Now, there won’t be a need to download and install big files, but it will require a fast and constant Internet connection.

This service could convince current PS4 owners to subscribe to the service, instead of having to rent games for a price, though the price of the service for a year with the three-month plan would cost about $180.00. Perhaps the PlayStation Plus service should be included free for whoever gets PS Now.

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