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Dragon Ball Z fans will have to wait a bit more to play the game they’ve been waiting for. Bandai Namco Games announced yesterday the launch of Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be delayed from February 17th to the 24th in North America. European gamers will have to wait until February 27th. No specific reason was explained, but Bandai Namco told the press the cause of the delay is “to insure the highest possible gameplay experience for our fans.”

Xenoverse, according to the company, is “one of the most ambitious Dragon Ball video game experiences ever” because of the many features including creating customizable characters (which can let players rewrite the main story of Dragon Ball Z), various modes, and “an expansive online multiplayer world.”

Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be available on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Windows (via Steam).

[Source]: Bandai Namco Games.

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