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In the last two weeks, a video has become very popular among Latinos here in the US and abroad. Titled “Ninja-level Lime-cutter” (¡¡Cortador de limones nivel NINJA!! #BienAltiro), the video posted on Facebook by Univision-owned Texas radio station 104.3 FM Austin (@1043Austin) shows a young man somewhere in the city of Sullana, Piura in Peru, cutting lemons as quick as people who play the game Fruit Ninja. But of course, what this young man does is not a game, but it’s part of his job. His name is still unknown, but word on the streets say he is an assistant at a ceviche restaurant (aka cevichería) called “El Secreto” (The Secret). So far, the video has been seen over 970,000 times and has about 20,000 likes and 17,000 shares on Facebook. Just remember, do not try this. This real Fruit Ninja is an expert, and that’s no secret.

Hey, Fruit Ninja Master, here comes a new challenger!

Ninja cortador de limones y Fruit Ninja

Ninja cortador de limones y Fruit Ninja


[Source]: 104.3 FM Austin: ¡¡Cortador de limones nivel NINJA!! #BienAltiro
[Via]: Peru This Week: Peruvian amazes with ninja ability to chop limes.

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