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A Pokémon game is not a complete game without Pikachu in the line-up. Today, Namco Bandai announced the presence of Pikachu, Suicine, and Gardevoir in the upcoming arcade title Pokkén Tournament, joining the first two revealed characters Machamp and Lucario.

During the livestream via Nico Nico, the game’s producer Katsuhiro Harada shared some info about features of the title, including:

  • The game controller: Unlike arcade titles, the controller is actually a gamepad with a crosspad, 4 front buttons, and 2 shoulder buttons, similar to the layout of Wii U controllers. The current look of the gamepad could change.
  • The gameplay: It looks like a bit like the style of fighting seen in Bandai Namco games (Dragon Ball & Naruto). However, Dimps and CyberConnect2 are not participating in the development of the game.
  • The fighting: Combatants can run around the fighting stages and make use of long-distance attacks, as seen in Naruto games (known as field phase). Close mano-a-mano combat is known as duel phase. All fighters are ranked by their field phase, duel phase, and Pokémon attack (aka Resonance Burst).
  • The characters: Each fighter will have a weak attack, strong attack, Pokémon attack, jump, and assist.

Somehow, Pikachu’s winning poses look a lot like the ones from Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya Mishima. Pikachu is ready to battle in the Tekken arena, it seems.

[Source]: Nico Nico:
[Via]: Ina Tekken: ポッ拳 参戦キャラ、筐体、コントローラなど.

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