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We’re just one day away from the Super Bowl. Have you been making plans to watch the game with your family and friends already? It’s not too late yet.

You see, we all got different ways to celebrate the biggest football game of the year, with different things to select to eat and drink while watching the end of the NFL season. If it’s already late to make a big party the way you had it planned, and decide to order pizzas, you may do so from the comfort of your own Samsung Smart TV, even while watching tomorrow’s game.

Domino’s Pizza has made an app available on the 2014 & 2015 models of its Samsung Smart TVs. From the couch of your living room, you will be able to use the Domino’s Tracker app to order pizzas, sodas, and other things from the menu, without using a PC or smartphone, and track the order from the moment the pizzas are in the oven to the moment they are being delivered. It can’t be any easier to track your order while you watch the game. Plus, you don’t really need to wait until tomorrow to try the app. You can try it right now.

“Domino’s is always looking for ways to continue innovating and using technology to benefit our customers,” stated Kevin Vasconi, Chief Information Officer at Domino’s Pizza. “We are thrilled to bring our customers yet another added convenience using Domino’s Tracker. Football fans can track their game day meal via their Samsung Smart TV and stay tuned into the big game at the same time.”

If you don’t have a Samsung Smart TV, you can still make an order from your Android or iOS devices by downloading the Domino’s Pizza app, available in English and Spanish, according to the current language in your device. This is the first time Domino’s puts an app on the Samsung Smart TV platform.

Some quick facts (from a Domino’s press release):

  • On game day, in the U.S. alone, Domino’s delivery drivers will cover the equivalent of more than 335 round trips from Boston to Seattle – a 50 percent increase over a typical day.
  • Over the years, Domino’s stores have seen sales tend to increase when the game is close and viewers are glued to their TVs.
  • While both Boston and Seattle Domino’s stores will see high sales at the beginning of the game, the city of the winning team will likely see higher sales at the end of the night.
  • During last year’s game, Domino’s delivered enough pizzas to stretch across more than 2,400 football fields.
  • Domino’s expects to sell 3 million chicken wings (boneless and bone-in), which is a 179 percent increase over a typical Sunday.

It doesn’t matter how you make your pizza order, really, just be ready to enjoy the game.

[Disclaimer]: Though I got no Samsung Smart TV to try the app, Domino’s Pizza provided me with two pizzas, 1 side, 1 soda, just to taste some. As with games and other things, I do mention when I am provided with a copy of titles or other products sent by a developer/publisher/PR representative. Also, games/etc recevied do not get any preference when make an unbiased report/review/etc.

[Source]: Domino’s Pizza: Domino’s Pizza® Prepares for Biggest Delivery Day of the Year, Launches Tracker on Your Samsung Smart TV.

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