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Yesterday, game developer Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid, mentioned on Twitter it took him 10x as long to do a speedrun on his upcoming title The Witness when compared to the one for his hit title, Braid.

Just like any game developer, Blow can play his work-in-progress title any way he wants. He know the secrets, the complete story and everything else about the game. His speedrun on The Witness, 38 hours, is not the amount of time it will take gamers to complete the title, but he estimates most players would finish the game in over 50 hours. “The Witness is a big game. It is dozens of hours. That was my SPEEDRUN, holmes,” said Blow in one of his tweets about the game.

It is great to know the 3D puzzle game The Witness won’t be a short game at all. The title will be released sometime this year on PS4, iOS, and Windows.

[Source]: @Jonathan_Blow.

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